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George_Chuvalo_2George speaks to students, parents and other groups about drugs and how they have impacted his life. He lost 3 sons and a wife as a result of substance abuse.

His graphic recollection of events and his expressive nature enable him to convey his powerful message. The feedback he receives has been positive, appreciative and encouraging. Being a father to drug addicted sons provides him with the insight and wisdom required to capture any listener.

His presentations are in demand from coast to coast. He de-glamorizes drug use by giving examples of what he has witnessed first hand.One fact is true - addicts always begin with experimentation.


Order of Canada

He also stresses the fact that in the criminal system, the majority of crimes are committed as a result of substance abuse. In most cases, addicts turn into criminal, not criminals into addicts. He leaves the students and other groups with a message of hope for our future while inviting the listener into his private life while sharing some of what he has learned about life, with the hopes of reaching those who are at risk.

To date, he has been to over 300 schools, numerous detention centres and has also met with many parent support groups.

In Oct. 1998, he proudly received the "Order of Canada" medal in recognition of his hard work and decication to Canada's youth.

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